retail pop display

Just like there are thousands of types of pop-up shops, there are thousands of types of displays. To find the correct retail POP display for you, you first have to analyze your needs. 

What is it you are trying to achieve with this display? Is it a glorified shelf, or do you want it to do more for your brand? Depending on what you are trying to do, you might be okay with just a ready-made display that just holds items, but if you really want to engage your client, you will want something tailored just for you. 

Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

  • Store Closeouts

If you do not care about the branding and about making an experience for the client, you will just want to have something to show your products. And if you are trying to save some money, store closeouts might be your thing. 

It seems every day you see a new brick-and-mortar store closing and when they do, their fixtures go along with any product display they were using. These closeouts can be a treasure trove of materials for retail POP displays, but the process of finding the right items will probably be time-consuming. You’ll never know, though, unless you check these stores out and see if you can find something you can use at a discount.

retail pop displayPop-up shows vary and will need completely different procedures and items to succeed. But what they have in common is that if they are successful, they either pop up somewhere else or become permanent.

Keep this in mind when you are coming up with your retail display. Hopefully, your pop-up shop will be successful, and if so, you may see yourself transporting your displays to another location. 

When you move a retail display from place to place, it can be hard transporting it, especially if the material it is made from is flimsy as many tend to be. Looking into more permanent materials and creating a durable display just might be the smart move. And if you decide on this alternative, going custom is your best bet.

  • Custom Made Retail Displays

Another way to find the right retail POP display is not to find it at all but to make it! This alternative is always the best bet because you get to control every aspect of it. 

You can select the type of materials (e.g. durable or transient) and can even make a display with touchscreens, sound, and other electronics that will make your client’s experience more complete and engaging. 

Getting a custom made retail POP display may require a little higher of a budget than going to store closeouts, but you will be surprised about what you can make if you find a great company to work with.

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