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In all industries, companies are constantly trying to reimagine new ways to advertise and reach their clients. New strategies are good and always welcomed, and the latest technology brings new dimensions to retail displays. Still, sometimes we can benefit from looking back and using the tried and true methods as well as the knowledge collected after decades of observing human behavior.

Color To Redefine The Buying Experience

Color is known to have the ability to change people’s moods. It can provide soothing and calming effects but it can also agitate individuals as well.

Color is a fascinating weapon to have in your arsenal. Each part of the world interprets colors in entirely different ways and depending on who you are targeting, you must research your audience in depth. 

For example, red in China is seen as a cheerful, happy color and it is related to good fortune and luck. In the west, however, it is generally seen as an aggressive color (one of danger) commonly used in sports for that exact reason. Red is also a color that is harder to match using printing equipment. Generally, specialty inks are used to achieve the right tone, which adds to printing costs. On a screen, however, there is no such problem.

Armed with the knowledge of what each color means to your audience, even if they do not realize it, you can achieve wonders. If you want to calm your client and convery value, for instance, you can use pink or orange. 

If you’re going to redefine your customer’s user experience, consult an expert in color and get the most out of your retail display.

Digital Retail Displays

The digital revolution is taking over in every aspect of our lives and retail displays are no exception. You can completely reimagine the buying experience using new technology. With electronics, you can engage almost all the senses using sound and video as well as touch. 

Interactive retail displays can genuinely redefine the shopping experience by immersing the client into your brand. You can reshape the experience by allowing the client to interact using their fingers and giving the client the ability to customize the product they desire. You still control the narrative, but the user goes from being passive to active, thus likely compelling them to make a purchase.

These are just some of the ways to take control of the experience and redefine your user’s journey. We would love to show you more ways and many strategies you can use to make your retail displays much more powerful.

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