retail pop display

A POP display that is well designed can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. It can showcase your product and entice customers to make a purchase. If you combine having a great display with a prominent location that brings in high foot traffic, you will see massive sale increases. A retail pop display can be designed in many different ways to achieve many things, so how do you know if your provider gives you the proper pop display? 

To know for sure, look out for these three things.

  • Does Your POP Display POP?

Remember that when a person walks into a store, the choices are overwhelming, and if you hope for your product to sell, it must stand out. The first thing you want to know is if your display is attracting your client’s attention, does it pop out among the rest of the stuff on offer?

Popping and standing out does not mean having the most prominent and brightest thing in the store, which can be obnoxious and reduce your sale numbers. Ideally, you want to know exactly who will use your display and, based on that, build it around the audience.

  • Is Your Display Creating Awareness?

One of the things every company needs is brand awareness. A POP display should reinforce your brand and bring awareness to the people who come in contact with it. 

If you have a special promotion or discount going on, this is the right opportunity to catapult it into your client’s field of vision and create awareness. It is all about making the right shopping experience and if you provide your clients with it, you are solidifying your brand and building loyalty.

  • Will The Display Trigger Compulsive Purchases?

retail pop displayUltimately there is one final goal for any form of marketing and advertising, to generate sales. You could argue that a particular part of a campaign aims to create awareness or do something other than sales. In the end, the outcome we are all looking for is making a conversion or, better yet, making a client that will bring many sales down the line. 

Here is where you need to ask yourself, is my display achieving this ultimate goal? A well-designed retail POP display will catch your client’s eyes and focus their attention on your product. Still, beyond that, it will showcase the product so that it will trigger an emotional response that results in a compulsive purchase.

What Makes FELBRO Displays The Best?

We ask ourselves these questions along with many other questions every time we make a display. From the conceptual part to the design and engineering, we want to make sure every piece we make is as successful as possible. We have a long history of success with 75 years of experience, and we would love to make your next display a smashing success. 

When you’re ready to receive the best retail pop displays, you can email us at info@felbrodisplays.com or fill out our online contact form and one of our representatives will schedule an appointment.