custom retail display

There is no doubt that retail displays influence buyers. They can multiply your sales and create brand awareness if designed and manufactured correctly. Here are some ways you can improve your sales using retail displays.

By Grouping Products

custom retail displayOften shoppers go to the store looking for something to buy, not something specific but something new and exciting. A profitable approach is to sell something that will improve one’s lifestyle. 

You can start by grouping different products together. Grouping products based on collections or themes can be a great strategy to achieve this goal because it creates an atmosphere rather than just showing products on a shelf. 

For example, say you have a promotion on suntan lotion, but you also sell sunglasses and summer clothes and accessories. You can simply place row after row of suntan lotion on your display, or you can make a great display showcasing different summer-related items with a summer theme and vibe. While you would still have the suntan lotion as the star of the show, you now get to put other things on offer that your client may have missed otherwise.

By Showing Your Best Product

Sometimes we think that people are only interested in a deal and show the items on sale. The truth lies far from that assumption. By displaying your most desired products, even if they are higher in price, you get to make positive brand awareness and probably make sales. 

Remember, people don’t buy what they need but what they want. So show them what they most desire and watch your return on investment skyrocket.

By Reaching Out to Your Audience

Try to keep your message simple and easy to process; the less copy, the more effective. However, keeping it simple does not mean writing something like “BUY ME!” but something representing your values and your brand. 

Millennials are reported to be 70% more likely to buy from a company that supports causes they care about and, as such, reflect their values. Get the message right, and you will generate not only sales but also customer loyalty.

By Going For The Wow Factor

When you walk into a store, no matter the type of store, you are immediately bombarded by ads, displays and signs screaming at you to buy their products.

This is the reality of what your display will have to compete with. Every company will continue to try and get a leg up on the competition with increasingly brighter, more attention-grabbing displays. Knowing this is the playing field, you must go for the wow factor. 

Simply having a boxy-looking display that is barely more than a glorified shelf is not going to cut it these days. Try to step out of the norm and find different shapes and different ways to showcase your product. This proposition may seem daunting, but fortunately, you can count on FELBRO Displays to deliver just that kind of piece every time.

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