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Retail displays can be very influential when it comes to enticing a client into a last-minute buy; they can be a company’s secret weapon to lure more people and drive more sales. But like any secret weapon, it can also be a dud. 

A compelling retail display will tell a story that resonates with the client. It will use visual language that the client understands and is likely to react positively to; in short, it must be very well designed. If the display is interactive, this design has to be even more refined, catching the person’s attention, guiding their user journey, taking them where you want them to end up, and finally triggering a purchase.

How FELBRO Builds The Best Displays

There are different stages to making the display of your dreams; it all starts with getting to know what the client wants to achieve and then matching our team to your needs. We then come up with the overall concept, the idea. We will discuss these concepts with you until we find the right solution. Once this happens, we will get our designers to work their magic.

Design Phase

After the initial phase, the designers take over and start coming up with ideas to accomplish your goal; they study the audience to understand their triggers and what visual cues they can use to guide them to the desired outcome. Finally, they come up with the first set of visuals. Once the visuals are approved, the engineers get to work. 

Engineering And Prototyping

The engineers are responsible for taking that concept and turning it into reality. 

Whether the engineers are making a structure or a complex electronic display, they always come through. And once they are confident they have the best solution, we build a prototype in one of our factories to perfect its appearance and function.


retail displaysAt this point, we proceed to manufacture the displays with our teams. We have teams worldwide, and we can manufacture in the USA or China and deliver the displays anywhere you need. We can use all types of materials for both permanent outdoor, inside, and semi-permanent displays.

At FELBRO Displays, we live and breathe retail displays. We believe that by owning every step of the cycle from design to prototyping, manufacturing, and even distribution and installation, we can make sure that there are no missteps along the way.

Many companies love to “pass the bucket.”  When any issue arises from the final product, they can shrug their shoulders and blame a different link in the chain. In our case, we are committed to the entire experience our work will bring, not only for your clients but for you. We take care of ensuring every step of the way that things are handled at the highest of standards.

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